MaaS – Mobility as a Service

MaaS is a type of service that through a joint digital channel enables users to plan, book, and pay for multiple types of mobility services.
How does the history of shared mobility in Poland look like?
? 2011 – Nextbike Polska SA started working in Wrocław as self- service urban bike rentals. This is the first form of MaaS in Poland
? 2012 – MyTaxi launches an app connecting passengers with licensed drivers
? 2014 – Uber begins to operate in Poland. Ride-hailing service starts to connect passengers and local drivers using their personal vehicles
? 2016 – First shared car appears in Cracow thanks to Traficar
? 2017 – introduces electric mopeds rental in Warsaw
? 2018 – Thanks to Lime people can rent electric scooters

Are you using micromibility services? Which one is your favourite?