Anuraj Gambhir

Anuraj Gambhir – is an internationally recognized Exponential Thought Leader, Strategic Business/Startup Advisor and Technology Visionary.

Anuraj is an Innovation Evangelist, Business Strategist on the outside and Altruist, Philosopher on the inside, and a million things in between. He is focussed on shaping the future of humanity from ‘mindset to heartset’. As an Innovation catalyst and Transdisciplinary expert Anuraj assists organizations to spearhead their innovation agenda using exponential technologies. He has over 30 years’ experience working across the mobile ecosystem, spanning 5 continents. Some prominent companies he has worked with include NASA/JPL, Optus, Logica/Aethos, T-Mobile, Orange, GSM Association, Sharp, Siemens, Spice, Ericsson, MTS, Globacom, and is part of global faculty at SingularityU. Key domains include future of Health / Wellbeing, Learning / Education, Media, Transportation, Telecom, Energy & Space as part of emerging Smart Cities / Communities. He has been an early pioneer in the design and development of the smartphones and the convergent smart mobile devices revolution.

His practical knowledge spans across executive management, innovation, entrepreneurship, conscious leadership, exponential technologies, design thinking and holistic wellbeing. Anuraj’s deeper quest and purpose has been at the intersection of technology and spirituality.

He belongs to tribes of global change-makers, innovators, imagineers and activators. He is particularly passionate about developing frugal innovations for helping bridge the digital divide (transforming it into digital opportunities) and empower under-privileged communities.

He believes that with a positive and abundant mindset through a philosophy & movement he has spearheaded called ‘White Mirror’ (aligning it closely to the UN SDGs), use of exponential tech and activating / curating relevant communities and ecosystems we can make the impossible possible. We can collaborate to solve any problem as tech evolves from novelty to help create novel solutions for humanity.


Day 1 (Thursday, APRIL 22, 2021)

15:00 – 16:20
Panel #2 – Technology-based Mobility Issues and Healthy Ageing in Urban Environment

The Future is Wear-to-Able – from Self-help health to Heart Coherence

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