Prof. Dr Iwona Grabarek

Iwona Grabarek is a professor at Warsaw University of Technology, at the Faculty of Transport. She is Head of Division of Information and Mechatronic Systems in Transport Prof. Grabarek is the author and the co-author of 16 monographs, and more than 100 articles. She is a specialist in ergonomics of transportation systems. Her field of interests includes: ergonomic diagnosis, modelling and simulation of man-machine systems, design of innovative urban environment-friendly transportation system (universal design – eliminate transportation barriers for disabled people). She has received the Prime Minister’s Award for outstanding scientific achievements.


Day 2 (Friday, APRIL 23, 2021)

13:00 – 14:45
Panel #3 – Future micromobility, improved accessibility and autonomous transportation

Autonomous vehicles in public and urban transport – the Polish road to transport autonomy compared to global solutions

Universal design in the design of means of transport and their infrastructure – accessibility of public transport


Day 3 (Saturday, APRIL 24, 2021)

16:00 – 18:00
Panel #5 – Urban “new normal” and senior citizens beyond Covid-19

Revaluation of the role of public transport and its forms after the COVID’19 pandemic

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