Michał Adamczyk

Michał Adamczyk – Strategic project management director
A growth-focused thought leader with expertise spanning leadership for IT and development engineering, telemedical initiatives and consulting, business analytics, contract development and monitoring, corporate outreach and partner relationships, sales collaboration, and numerous facets of strategic and tactical direction for business development. Exceptionally dedicated professional with keen communication and organizational skills for the diverse modern workplace with hands-on approach. He has over 11 years of experience in working on mhealth projects. Architect of telemedicine systems and author of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms designed for automatic analysis of biomedical data. As the Director of Telemedicine and AI, he was responsible for the maintenance and development of the remote diagnostics system, as well as supervision over access and security of medical information. Responsible for the certification processes of medical devices – CE and FDA. A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw, participant of the Executive MBA postgraduate studies at the Kozminski University. Currently Strategic project management director who navigates competing business priorities while collaborating on product implementation and design decisions and approaches every partner interaction as an opportunity to collect their feedback on the quality of products.


Day 1 (Thursday, APRIL 22, 2021)

15:00 – 16:15
Panel #2 – Technology-based Mobility Issues and Healthy Ageing in Urban Environment

Smart healthcare: what is the alternative for traditional medical facilities

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