Panel 2 – Technology-based healthy ageing in urban environment

? Panel 2 is a time to share the knowledge of how technological innovations can support active and healthy ageing in various aspects of daily life. More and more people wear a device on their wrist that constantly monitors aspects of health, and if anything is off, it sends them an alert. Small gadgets of this type can support us in daily activities, motivate us to achieve goals, or monitor our health condition. Thanks to everyday objects, advanced testing supported by big data, and artificial intelligence (AI), we have a possibility to early detect disease or customise treatments for individual patients. Digital technology offers a golden opportunity to support and empower the population to lead fulfilling and healthy lives. Older people are more at risk of social isolation than the general population. ?️ Technology can reduce it and enable people to remain more active citizens, broke the barriers for social experiences that are both stimulating and improve wellbeing.