Housing is an important factor. The Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland report

Housing is an important factor in wellbeing and health. The Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland has published a report in 2018 focusing attention on housing for older people. It shows that unsuitability of existing homes for supporting living with a disability, and many older people live in houses with rooms that are not currently permanently used. How to make the home a place more friendly to an aged person? Include in the design elements like widened doorways, ramps, chairlift, ground floor bedrooms, storage for walking aids, surveillance and intercom system.

“If you design for the old, you include the young, if you design for the young, you exclude the old”- said Professor Bernard Isaacs, a geriatrician. These are benefits of age-attuned design – those with a range of disabilities as well as those with small children will also benefit. It is important to avoid creating “architectural disability”. It will bring a positive impact on health and wellbeing throughout life, especially into later life.

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