Dr Ziheng Sun

Dr. Ziheng Sun is a research assistant professor at George mason university. He developed a probability-based COVID-19 risk score named COSRE which has been validated to be efficient in estimating community venue exposure risks to coronavirus, without requiring contact tracing data. COSRE score can assist everyone’s daily decisions on whether or when to attend public places or venues during a pandemic and eventually accelerate the safe reopening for all the communities. He is a practitioner of using the latest technologies including artificial intelligence and high-performance computing to seek for answers to grand scientific questions in real lives. He has published 12 first-author papers on world-renowned scientific journals. His work has been sponsored by NASA, NSF, ESIP, and Microsoft.


Day 3 (Saturday, APRIL 24, 2021)

16:00 – 18:00
Panel #5 – Urban “new normal” and senior citizens beyond Covid-19

COSRE: COVID-19 Social Exposure Risk Estimation without Contact Tracing

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